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Get HTML code to embed Google Map on your website

Use an embed code generator to get the map code which can be embedded in your website. You can view the map's appearance on your site by clicking 'Map Preview'.

All you need to know

Its absolutely free to obtain a Google map code for your website and to add it on your site.

Quick to embed

Simply enter your information, click on get embed code, and then paste it onto your website.

Flexible in use

The map is compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Automatic responsive google map.

Google Maps Integration

In today's busy lifestyle, it is vital to know the exact directions to any address. Google Maps allows you to instantly provide key information about addresses and other details that could be necessary to reach your destination.

Any business, no matter how small or large, can add the Google Maps application on its website to increase traffic and revenue. Google Maps is essential for hospitality businesses, especially as it makes it easy for customers to locate the establishment. It is essential to locate a suitable place to stay or eat when you travel to a new location, whether it be for work or pleasure. Any business in the hospitality sector will gain an advantage by embedding Google Maps on their website.

It all began more than 11 years ago, at "Where 2 Technologies", with a C++ programming program. "Expedition" was mapping software that was created by twin brothers, Jens and Lars Rasmussen. It's great to have software that you can download for your use. But what about the internet? This is what Larry Page of Google wanted when he was negotiating for the prototype. In October 2004, Google purchased the company. AJAX, a new programming capability, made this application stand out. It allowed you to place pins on the wall and "geolocation" was displayed. The backbone of the application was Expedition. This allowed the team to add traffic analysis and geospatial layer, which made it the one we know today. Google Maps launched in February 2005. It has been popular and relevant ever since.

How can I embed the Google Map Code on my website?

Add a map to your website. With our Google Maps generator, you can create and add a Google Map directly to your website. Google Maps can be easily embedded into your website. You can enjoy the many Google Map benefits directly from your website by following a few simple steps. Our website provides a simple alternative to integrating Google Map API.

Add the location to the map, and the html code will automatically update in the code panel. The map can be customized by altering the map's width and height, or making it responsive. The code can be used to create a link to the responsive Google Maps HTML iframe or embed it into your website in the same way as how the map appears on this page.

What features are there in Google Maps?

  • Locate accessible transit routes
  • Google Maps can be used to help you navigate around large complex venues such as shopping centers, malls, and railway stations.
  • Saved tags allow you to access your favorite places and things
  • Live map view
  • If you don't wish for google to track your history, use incognito mode.
  • Share your location in real time
  • Street view can be used as and when needed.
  • Locate nearby locations.
  • Zooming a map can be used to narrow the focus.
  • Offline maps available
  • You can save your favorite location to use later.
  • You can find bus and train times.

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